Wire Rope Sling Features
  • Lowest cost per ton of lift of all slings
  • Ideal for heavy loads and rugged conditions
  • Flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Wide range of possible end terminations
  • More Information
Wire Rope Sling Sizes
  • Wire rope diameters from 1/4 to 3 inches
  • Capacities from 0.65 to 153 tons
A sling eye should never be used over a hook or pin with a body diameter larger than the natural width of the eye.  Never force an eye over a hook.
Conversely, the eye should always be used on a hook or pin with a diameter at least equal to that of the wire rope.
D/d ratio is the ratio of the diameter around which the sling is bent divided by the body diameter of the sling.  Tests have shown that whenever a sling body is bent around a diameter, the strength of the sling is decreased.
The capacities in our web site are based on the minimum D/d ratios that are noted on each wire rope sling page.  For more severe bending conditions, contact our customer service department for revised capacities.
The Reach of a wire rope sling is the working length measured from the load bearing point (eye or hardware) at the load end of the sling to the load bearing point of the eye at the other end, when the sling is pulled taut.
Unlike chain slings or synthetic web slings, the reach of a wire rope sling does not include a master or pear link as part of the reach measurement.
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