Web Sling Features
  • Lightweight, durable, strong
  • Flexible, easy to handle
  • Adjusts to load contours
  • Holds with a secure grip
  • Will not damage most load surfaces
  • Minimizes load shock and jarring
  • Exceptional resistance to rot or mildew
  • Not normally affected by grease or oil
  • Sling damage warning - If the outer surface
    of the sling is worn or cut, red yarns woven
    into the core of the fabric are exposed,
    indicating that the sling should be replaced.
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Sizes and Capacities
  • Webbing widths from 1 to 12 inches
  • Capacities from 950 to 214,900 lbs.
  • Most web sling types are available
    in thicknesses from 1 to 4 ply.
Web Slings
One Ply
Two Ply
  • Most popular material - More cost effective than polyester.
  • Available in Regular (REG) and Heavy Duty (HVY) webbing
  • Will stretch approximately 10% at the working load limit and return to its original length
  • Available in Heavy Duty (HVY) webbing only
  • Will stretch approximately 7% at the working load limit and return to its original length


  •   Not to be used in acids or bleaching agents
  • Not to be used in aldehydes or ethers
  • Disintegrated by concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Degraded by strong alkalis at high temperatures
The Reach of a Tuflex sling is the working length measured from the load bearing point (hardware or
eye) at one end of the sling to the load bearing point at the other end, when the sling is pulled taut.
Type 1
Type 3
Type 5
Wear pads give a sling extra protection from abrasion where it is needed.  They can be made from nylon or polyester webbing, Cordura nylon, rubber or leather.  Leather is the most cut resistant, but is subject to oil, grease and weather deterioration.  Wear pads may reduce, but may not eliminate, cutting, puncturing or abrasion.
Cordura Wear Pad
Sewn on one or both sides of the sling to protect anticipated wear points.
Rubber Webbing Protector
Protects one side and edges of the sling.  Moveable. 1, 2, 3, and 4 in.
Cordura Sliding Sleeve
Protects both sides of the sling. May be shifted to the wear points.
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