Section 1: Introduction to Rigging, Planning Every lift.
In this section we will discuss definitions, as well as explore the importance of planning every lift. A video will reveal mistakes a crane company makes while working in the heart of a small town while local TV news crews were present. This opens the presentation up to some good participation from the attendees.

Section 2: Rigging Triangle.
We will dive into the complex factors that come into play when you are using multi-leg lifting slings. The importance of determining things like center of gravity and sling angles come into play in the selection process of what slings should be used to make the lift. The participants will actually put pen to paper, and by using some basic mathematical techniques, they will understand the amount of tension each active sling leg is feeling. This section is the cornerstone of the training class. With the information they obtain in this section they will feel more confident in selecting the proper slings as well as using multi-leg slings in the day-to-day operations.

Section 3: Hardware Loading (Eye Bolts, Shackles, Swivel Hoist Rings)
The Hardware Loading section is a continuance from the Rigging Triangle. Once you have determined the tension the sling legs are feeling, you now need to consider what hardware best fits the application and what size hardware to choose. Class participation and using charts will help them to determine the proper hardware to complete the lift safely.

Section 4: Sling Inspection and Removal Criteria.
As it applies to your needs, we will explore the importance of inspecting your sling every time it is used and what to look for in determining if it should be removed from service.

Section 5: Q & A and Conclusion
Thoughout the presentation there will be many opportunities for questions. Inevitably, as the class comes to an end, some rigging questions arise about their specific jobs or challenges they are facing. This is a very valuable time for your employees. In many cases we have been able to not only uncover possible safety issues, but give some potential solutions the day of the class.

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